Game Updates

This weekend had both U18 teams and also our U14’s in action.

U18 West travelled through to Glasgow on Saturday to face off against Glasgow City, who last year were relegated to Division 2. In what was always going to be a tough game we had some of our U16 team step up and play due to some illness. The team achieved their goals and successfully executed what was worked on in practice. Final score was 97-27 to Glasgow City. Andrew Ovenstone led the team in scoring with 18.

U18 East had a tough long travel up to Inverness on Sunday to play Inverness City Lions. After a very slow start the boys quickly got up to game pace but by that time they where fighting trying to get back into the game with the Lions holding the lead from start to finish. In what was a very fast paced game the final score was 106-70 to Lions. Winston Lai lead all scorers with 33 points. Ben Dunlop also added in 11 points.

Sunday also had our U14 team in RDL action against Fife Steel and High Flyers. The boys suffered 2 narrow losses in both games.

Every day is a school day and we will learn from mistakes made and continue to develop.

Next week we have our U18 West at home (Tynecastle High School) in action against North Lanakshire Chiefs and on Sunday our U16 NDL team are in action in Bathgate.




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